ABC Wildlife


ABC Wildlife 3.1 [iPhone] [iPad] – ユニバーサル化で iPhone に対応、動物の写真を見ながら英語を学べる知育アプリケーション

動物たちの美しい写真と動画を閲覧し、英語を学べる iPhone / iPad アプリケーション What's New Universal application. Multi-user support. Added capitalization option for words. Enhanced the video viewing experience. Added disable videos option. Enhanced interface. 80種以上の動物たちの...

ABC Wildlife 3.0 [iPad] – 動物たちの美しい写真と動画を閲覧し、英語の名称も学べる知育アプリケーション

Join Little Explorers as they explore a world of letters, words, and wild animals! Where each new word leads to a new animal discovery with beautiful photos, fun interactions and vibrant videos. Your child will learn about different words, ...