Photo Mosaica


Photo Mosaica 3.0 [iPhone] [iPad] – ユニバーサル化で iPad に対応、フォトライブラリの写真を使ってモザイク画を作り出す

フォトライブラリの写真を使って、モザイク画像を作り出す iPhone / iPad アプリケーション What's New iPad and iPhone5 versions are here with brand new designs! fixed freeze at 59% fixed user-reported crashes updated poster printing ひさしぶりの紹介です。 フォトライブラリの写真を使って、モザイク画像を作り出す iPhone ...

Photo Mosaica 2.0 [iPhone]

The only app that actually creates a mosaic using only the photos on your phone! Don't be fooled by impostors. Zoom in on your mosaic to see the full images that make it up! Share your mosaics with friends, or UPGRADE to save them to your p...