2Do 3.7.1 [iPhone] [iPad] – パワフルな機能を多数搭載、より使いやすく進化したタスク管理アプリケーション

使いやすいインターフェースの多機能タスク管理 iPhone / iPad アプリケーション What's New(v.3.7) Multi-tasking / Split screen support on iPads (on supported models) Siri Spotlight support. 2Do indexes all your tasks, along with extra nformation such as notes, dates, action...

2Do 2.8.1 [iPhone] [iPad] – iPhone 5 の4インチディスプレイ/iPad の Retina ディスプレイに最適化、多機能タスク管理アプリケーション

エレガントなデザインの多機能タスク管理 iPhone / iPad アプリケーション What's New (v.2.8) Better sync support (based on existing services) with the new 2Do Mac app iPhone 5 support iPad Retina support NEW: Tap and hold 'defer' option now allows you to pick a specific ...

2Do 2.6.2 [iPhone] [iPad] – iCloud カレンダーと同期も可能、エレガントなデザインの多機能 To Do リストアプリケーション

To Do リスト iPhone / iPad アプリケーション What's New v.2.6.2: 2Do now supports 'recurring' Todos created in the Reminders app and vice versa. This applies to all CalDAV servers that support recurring todos. Fixed Toodledo sync issues Fixed Tasks wit...

2Do 2.2.1 [iPhone] [iPad]

To Do リスト iPhone / iPad アプリケーション What's New (v.2.2) 2Do for iPad (Universal) with a whole new layout and interface New drag and drop actions exclusively on the iPad: Drag and drop any task on the integrated calendar to assign due dates easi...

2Do 2.1 [iPhone]

To Do リスト iPhone アプリケーション What's New  iOS 4: iOS 4 multi-tasking iOS 4 local alerts. Push not longer used when installed on an iOS 4.0 device. Email alerts are still available for use, although these would require WiFi/3G. 2Do will now auto...