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Building Titanic 1.1 [iPad] – 悲劇の豪華客船「タイタニック号」の貴重な建造資料を収めた無料アプリケーション

In 1912, she was the largest, most complex moving object on the planet and it took a workforce of thousands more than two years to bring her to life. Now, with the free Building Titanic app, travel back in time and witness Titanic’s constru...

National Geographic Today 1.0 [iPad] – 公式サイトの写真・映像を iPad らしいインターフェースで閲覧

National Geographic Today for iPad brings you the best of National Geographic’s daily offerings—news, videos, quizzes, articles, and of course, the awe-inspiring photography we’re known for. See today’s highlights or catch up on the last se...

The World by National Geographic 1.2 [iPad] – 世界各地の写真も収録、「National Geographic」が制作した世界地図

Take the world for a spin! The World by National Geographic offers classic map content in a contemporary virtual globe. This multi-dimensional app takes National Geographic’s award-winning cartography to a new level! Grab hold of the intera...

7 Billion 1.0 [iPad] – 世界人口70億人に到達、増え続ける人口問題を特集した「National Geographic」誌のアプリケーション

National Geographic magazine presents 7 Billion: How your world will change - to coincide with the arrival of the 7 billionth human being to our world. This app explores the challenges of a growing human population in a world of limited res...

50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic 1.2 [iPad]

National Geographic Magazine has searched its vast archives to find its most memorable photographs. This application brings National Geographic’s 50 Greatest Photographs to life with the rich features and functionality of iPad™. Learn the s...

50 Places of a Lifetime 1.1 [iPad]

Make your bucket list with an app from the world’s most widely read travel magazine. Inspiring and authoritative, 50 Places of a Lifetime showcases the world’s greatest destinations, chosen by National Geographic's family of globe-trotting ...