Star Trek PADD


Star Trek™ PADD 2.0.0 [iPad] – スタートレックの膨大なデータにアクセスできる、iPad を PADD に見立てた公式アプリケーション

iPad を「スタートレック」に登場する PADD に見立てた公式データベースアプリケーション What's New Updated databank from Starfleet, including over 170 new entries. Example entries include: Gorgan (possibly the last known inhabitant of the planet Triacus), the EMH Mark II (no...

Star Trek PADD 1.0.0 [iPad]

The Official Star Trek™ PADD (Personal Access Display Device) immerses fans in a rich interactive database of Star TrekTM information and images with an authentic reproduction of the LCARS style interface introduced in the Star Trek: ...