MindNode Pro


MindNode Pro 1.7.2 [Mac]

シンプルなマインドマップアプリケーション、MindNode の上位版 What's New v.1.7.2 Fixes an encoding issue related to asian characters. This change only affects new nodes. If you experience issues with existing nodes, please visit our support site for instructions on h...

MindNode Pro 1.6 [Mac]

シンプルなマインドマップ作成ソフト、MindNode の上位版(シェアウェア $24.95) What's New Considerable changes to the MindNode file format to allow direct import of MindNode documents on iOS devices. When pasting a tabbed outline, the application will now create a subnode...

MindNode Pro 1.5 [Mac]

MindNode Pro and MindNode are elegant and simple-to-use mindmapping applications for the Macintosh that help to visually: collect, classify and structure ideas. organize, study and solve problems. シンプルなマインドマップソフト、『MindNode』の上位版です。 Download ...